WeWork in Berlin partners up with Kaffee Form, a young startup that invented a new material out of recycled coffee grounds and raw materials to produce coffee cups, mugs and other cool products.

Design Thinking Workshop

Learn to code and UX/UI design through one of our full time or part time courses. Web Development Bootcamp and UX/UI Design Bootcamp in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, México DF, Miami & Berlin.


WeWork × SmartCity DB pop-up Berlin Hauptbahnhof

For two weeks in July WeWork and SmartCity created a space to work from at Berlin's Main Central Station.


TransferGo World Cup TV Ad

TransferGo makes sending money abroad fast & easy.


Ai Wei wei × Humanity in Action

Wei Wei is one of the most influential contemporary artists alive today. Humanity in Action Executive Director Judy Goldstein hosts a powerful conversation with him. Berlin, July 2018.


King's Day - Amsterdam 2018

King's Day is a public holiday celebrated in The Netherlands since 1885. WeWork joins the 2018 celebration through the canals of the raving city of Amsterdam.


Wantedly Ad Campaign

Wantedly is a social recruiting platform that allows users to find interesting jobs based on their social graphs.

The Nativo Project

NATIVO PROJECT seeks to intervene the spectator's perspective and consciousness by presenting a profound gaze at the lives inside Panama’s 7 indigenous nationalities. Their traditions, their lives, their challenges and achievements, whilst constituting a visual-investigative tool for social sciences and cultural studies in Panama and across the world.


Landing Festival 2018

Long gone are the jobs for life with their planned career structures and company training schemes. Landing Festival is Europe’s biggest tech careers event, two days of intensive learning and networking featuring talks, panels, expert sessions, workshops, a job fair & entertainment activities.


Suasty Real Estate

SUASTY is a young and dynamic real estate company based in Panama with a colourful portfolio of rental and sale properties in and outside the city.


Sara Bassan 2013 Collection

Sara is one of Panama's Top Fashion Designers with more than 20 years crafting wearable art, she has dressed first ladies, beauty queens, celebrities and socialite. Vogue in Spanish named her one of the ten best fashion designers in Latin America.