What type of video is right for me?

Interview, testimonial, product review, highlight reel, instant replay, live streaming, trailer, behind the scenes, are all examples of filming types. Which one suits your needs depends on many factors. Kind of Purpose, target audience, media outlets, even budget.

What is your shooting/Editing style?

While I like adapting to the energy of each particular project, I define my shooting style as static-reactive, which I define as a combination of fixed camera angles combined with smooth movements, subject following, rotations, et cetera. Overall I favour natural light, shallow focus, interesting angles and perspectives, usually framing my subjects with the environment.

What about Sound and music?

Audio is half the experience of the video.
I use a series of different external recorders and microphones to acquire sound/voices. For the music, included on the project fees is basic online licensing for royalty free music. I edit around the music and not the other way around.

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